Friday, October 22, 2010

Promote! Promote! Promote!

It's that time people!  With about three weeks until the show, we've got plenty to do to spread the word about Craftstravaganzaa!

We've found that each artist promoting his/her own appearance at the show works fantastically to reach the widest audience.  Let your family, friends and fans know that you will be at Craftstravaganzaa and invite them to visit for their holiday shopping. Ask them to invite their friends and family.

We will make available banners and graphics for you to post on your marketing media (mailing lists, website, blogs, etsy, facebook, myspace, twitter etc) to let your fans and customers know you will be participating in Craftstravaganzaa. The banners will be available on the AIC website by the weekend, check the FORMS page.

We also have fliers that can be downloaded from our website (FORMS page), please print and paste a few around your work/gym/store etc.  (these too will be available by the end of this weekend)

Our Twitter hashtag is #Craftstravaganzaa

Visit  our Facebook Event page  and click the SELECT GUESTS TO INVITE link upper left and invite all your friends.   Ask them to do  the same. 

If you have any more ideas how we can share our event with as  many guests as possible,  please leave your ideas in a comment. 

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