Monday, April 30, 2012

Photos from the 2012 Indie Craftstravaganzaa

I've uploaded about 100 pics to our website galleries.   Just click on the GALLERY link and enjoy!

If you have any to share, please upload to our facebook page or our Flickr group.




Saturday, April 28, 2012

Here we are,,,


The weather is beautiful, there's a cool breeze and plenty of sunshine. Come down to 670 west Broad st and check out #Craftstravaganzaa. M

Friday, April 27, 2012

Last minute... as always .


Craftstravaganzaa is tomorrow. Seven hours from now - load in. It would be great if everyone went around the block, then south on pope street towards Broad. Pope street is narrow through there and two way traffic is difficult. More room to line up in the neighborhood than out onto Broad.

Anyway, I'm still up piddling around with some things I am making. Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.

Athens Indie Craftstravaganzaa Spring 2012 THIS WEEKEND!!



Hope you're ready for the Spring 2012 edition of Craftstravaganzaa, happening this weekend at Ben's Bikes from 10am-7pm on the corner of Pope & Broad Sts.  This Saturday and Sunday from 10-7pm (Saturday) and 11-6pm (Sunday) you'll be able to enjoy artists, crafters, musicians, food vendors and a vintage clothing and housewares in an open-air market just blocks from central downtown.
670 W Broad St
Athens GA

Visit our website for details on who's going to be there, bands set times, etc.

Athens Indie Craftstravaganzaa 
      Athens Largest Handmade Market.™

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Meet Craftstravaganzaa Artist - Janetics

Enthusiastic Pisces mom of 3 wife of 1. First generation American, born and raised in Rockville, Maryland, who blames all the good on genetics. Father, Carnival [Trinidadian] costume maker. Mother, the woman who brought his costumes to life. I am a sum of their talents. I am a mixed media artist who's upcycled jewelry bring good juju to you. Fused glass focals, used leather/ faux leather fabrics and simple wire wrapping create funky, one of a kind cuffs. This aesthetic translates into hair accessories, necklaces and rings. Wear out loud. I luv to slave away in the Den of Dopeness. Dance in my kitchen. Cook. Hula hoop. Watch Spongebob with our children.



Saturday, April 21, 2012

Handbill Printable on our website now...

We now have handbills, 6 up to a page available for download on our website.

If you have any friends or family who might be going to Twilight, or just out on Craftstravaganzaa weekend, ask them if they would pass out a few handbills in the crowd.

Simply download and print the pdf, then cut into 6 flyers per page.


More Promo Buttons/Banners Added

I've added more promo banners to our website.   Visit

and download the graphics you need for your Craftstravaganzaa marketing campaign. 



Friday, April 20, 2012

Recipe for Press™ for Indie Craftstravaganzaa

A special offer for friends of Athens Indie Craftstravaganzaa, local author Amy Flurry would like to present a chance to buy her book, Recipe for Press, at a 20% discount. This book is a concise, information-packed volume of expertise on getting great press for your small arts-oriented business. Amy has years of experience writing and editing for many national magazines, and in her book she gives all the insider tips you need for getting your products noticed, and promoted, in all the right channels. Illustrated with beautiful photography and graphics, along with interviews from creative entrepreneurs like yourselves on how they made their passion their career. I believe this is an excellent resource for anyone interested in taking their business to the next level. I am on my second reading of this guide, and I feel like I could read it several times over and still glean new information. Plus, in purchasing this book you support a fellow local artist, which is what Craftstravganzaa is all about!

To purchase the book, just go to her website,, and enter aic20 in the coupon code box when prompted. It is an investment in your business that is sure to pay for itself many times over!


Ursa Minor Coffee returns for Craftstravaganzaa

Ursa Minor Coffee - Spring 2012

Ursa Minor Coffee is a fun, friendly mobile espresso caravan serving up local, fair trade and organic coffees from Dynamite Roasting in Black Mountain, fine teas, delicious all natural smoothies from Sweetbird, bulk coffee, coffee accessories, and fresh organic baked goods from West End Bakery and sugar momma's cookies in Asheville! Find us at fairs and festivals around the area!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Craftstravaganzaa Vendor Map is online now!!

Finally! The Crafstravaganzaa Vendor Map is ready, simply visit and click on the PROMO page to download the PDF.

Share it with your friends and fans.


Craftstravaganzaa Vendor Map -

Hey everyone, 'bout got the vendor map done for the show. I'll be uploading the map to our website before I go to bed tonight.  You can download it from our PROMO page. 


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Meet Craftstravaganzaa Artist - Salty Sweet

SaltySweet offers an assortment of hip and cute children's clothing and products, including unique onesies, crayon rolls, toys and more at affordable prices. With a variety of homemade items that are perfect for infants through toddlers, you can find something special for the little one(s) in your life. All items are created with love by a work at home mom, Lindsey Watne, who is inspired by her two beautiful girls and loving grad student husband. Mom by day, crafter by night. SaltySweet.




Meet Craftstravaganzaa Artist - Brass & Bones

Created by Leili Kasraie in Atlanta, Georgia, Brass & Bones is a collection of jewelry inspired by simple geometric designs and repurposed materials.  What started as a hobby has grown in to a passion for exploration and creation. Each piece is hand constructed and designed with extra care to those little details.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Meet Craftstravaganzaa Artist - Beautiful Briny Sea

beautiful briny sea blends internationally sourced sea salt with locally grown herbs, spices and foraged mushrooms. from the harvesting of the salt to the packing of the tins, this product is 100% handmade from start to finish.



Sunday, April 15, 2012

Meet Craftstravaganzaa Artist - Patrick Walter

I combine industrial processes and traditional jewelry techniques to make bespoke objects. This series cannon jewelry are fully functioning cannon. They are spring loaded and shoot a .122 caliber cannon ball.  My functional objects are intended to be used to satisfy a person's mischievous desires.


Meet Craftstravaganzaa Artist - Justin Klocke

 Justin Klocke is an MFA candidate at UGA's Lamar Dodd School of Art and finds inspiration in minimalism and folded paper forms. Klocke's jewelry crisp, smooth, clean, and at Craftstravaganza will include work that repurposes used brake and derailleur cables from his bicycles.



Meet Craftstravaganzaa Artist - Sugar Witch Bakery

Sugar Witch Bakery is a local, privately operated shop of cupcakes, cookies, chocolates and all things sweet. Better yet - sweet geekery. (And skullery.) Only using the best ingredients such as fresh fruits, Belgian chocolates, and vanilla beans to produce fantastic zombie brain truffles, Zelda Triforce cookies, and steampunk sugar cogs among a whole plethora of other unique desserts, Sugar Witch Bakery is the perfect stop for professional, unique themed edible party gifts or event desserts.


Meet Craftstravaganzaa Artist - Rhys May Jewelry

I am studying metals at UGA, and I love to create simple wearable jewelry based on organic forms.
I enjoy working with sterling silver, but this year I'll be creating some more affordable brass pieces as well!
All of my work is hand cut and soldered, and I even pour some of my own sheet and make my own wire.
I look forward to showing you my latest creations! <3



Saturday, April 14, 2012

Meet Craftstravaganzaa Artist - Costyn's Quilts

I make quilts of all colors, shapes, and sizes.  I also make t-shirt quilts with your old shirts. Costyn's Quilts offers a variety of quilted and sewn products from bibs to wine bottle totes.  A few handmade bibs make a great baby shower gift!  I even make them to match baby quilts.  Our four legged friends love the soft, colorful pet beds.  Need new beanbags for your corn hole game?  I make those too!  Come check it out...there's more than just quilts!


My organizational skills could use some polish...

Every artist and crafter i know has piles and piles of supplies, ideas, inspiration magazines, notes, just all kinds of stuff accumulated all over. My studio was a horrendous mess until about a  month ago.   

It can be so difficult to sort everything and try to remember where everything ends up. For me, it's 'out of sight,out of mind.' Literally.  If I cannot see it, then I forget I have it, or I remember it, but do not know where to find it. It is frustrating, and I can admit that I've gone and repurchased items that I didn't remember I already had. 

So I purged stuff I knew I'd never use, and I organized what was left on a new shelving system.  It is much neater now. and I've laid eyes on everything I have, when moving or separating it. 

What is your best tip for staying organized?  I could use all the ideas I can get. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Small Business Tuesday: Strengthening your Item Descriptions

20 Questions Your Buyers are Asking 
This is a list to jump start your thinking when you write your next item description. Remember that your customer cannot see the item in person. Don’t assume that the qualities of your item are obvious to your customer or that your photos say it all. (I have seen more than one item that I couldn’t even figure out what the item WAS!). You might even consider describing your item as if you had no pictures for your customer to look at. Really make them feel like they are right there with your item.

This is not an all inclusive list and some questions may not be appropriate for all items or sellers. This list is just to get you thinking about some of the things your customer might want to know about your fabulous work.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Stationary Trends seeking product submissions for their Fresh Picks section -

Here's your chance to become a part of TrendE-News —Stationery Trends' monthly e-newsletter. Along with Industry News, each edition includes an Industry Profile, complete with photo, and an assortment of Fresh Picks.

The focus for this edition
will be: Birthday

If you’re interested in submitting products for the Fresh Picks section, please send no more than 5 images (at 300 dpi) with 10-word descriptions for each via email to Abby at If selected for the issue, more information may be requested.

Fresh Picks for the May edition are due Thursday, April 19.

If interested in submitting your art, email the editor of Stationary Trends Magazine - Abby Heugel at  or call 616-887-9008 ext. 103

Sunday, April 1, 2012


I just discovered a mistake on the website.  The gallery page for the Holiday 2011 show photos onlypresented about 20 pics, about 20% of what was actually available. 

I have fixed it now, and all the photos we have for the 2011 Holiday Craftstravaganzaa are available now.

  Remember, too, we have a flickr pool of Craftstravaganzaa photos. Do you  have any to share?