Thursday, April 26, 2012

Meet Craftstravaganzaa Artist - Janetics

Enthusiastic Pisces mom of 3 wife of 1. First generation American, born and raised in Rockville, Maryland, who blames all the good on genetics. Father, Carnival [Trinidadian] costume maker. Mother, the woman who brought his costumes to life. I am a sum of their talents. I am a mixed media artist who's upcycled jewelry bring good juju to you. Fused glass focals, used leather/ faux leather fabrics and simple wire wrapping create funky, one of a kind cuffs. This aesthetic translates into hair accessories, necklaces and rings. Wear out loud. I luv to slave away in the Den of Dopeness. Dance in my kitchen. Cook. Hula hoop. Watch Spongebob with our children.



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