Saturday, April 14, 2012

My organizational skills could use some polish...

Every artist and crafter i know has piles and piles of supplies, ideas, inspiration magazines, notes, just all kinds of stuff accumulated all over. My studio was a horrendous mess until about a  month ago.   

It can be so difficult to sort everything and try to remember where everything ends up. For me, it's 'out of sight,out of mind.' Literally.  If I cannot see it, then I forget I have it, or I remember it, but do not know where to find it. It is frustrating, and I can admit that I've gone and repurchased items that I didn't remember I already had. 

So I purged stuff I knew I'd never use, and I organized what was left on a new shelving system.  It is much neater now. and I've laid eyes on everything I have, when moving or separating it. 

What is your best tip for staying organized?  I could use all the ideas I can get. 

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