Thursday, December 8, 2011

Twitter - Free 7 day E-Course

The great guys at handmadeology are offering their Twitter e-course, if you are interested. 
 For the handmade world, Twitter can be like hanging out at the water cooler.  It gives you a chance to have conversations with people who share some of your interests and offers an opportunity to broaden exposure for you and your products.
I will walk you through the steps of creating a Twitter account and using it effectively to promote your handmade business.  We will cover the following:
The breakdown of each day.
Day 1 – Getting Started
Day 2 – Building Followers
Day 3 – Getting in on the Conversation
Day 4 – The Power of the Network.
Day 5 – Tools to Help Manage your Twitter Life
2 Bonus days!
Day 6 – How to grow and nurture your Twitter following.
Day 7 – Long list of helpful links to awesome Twitter and social media marketing articles.

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