Saturday, August 21, 2010

Finally, the weekend.

Finally - Saturday.  Even though it dawned grey and stormy, I've been in a fit of creativity all day.  I've made a cake and decorated it  with pretty sprinkles, drawn two drawings for myself,  and updated the Craftstravaganzaa website a little more.  Serra is on the road right now on the west coast, and internet service is spotty for her. But she did manage to find a hot spot yesterday and answer a couple of my questions.  So now I can share with our friends that Craftstravaganzaa will be from 11 am until 6 pm this year, Saturday November 13th.   The applications are up now, and will be accepted until October 10th, with notification going out Oct. 16th.  We are happy to hear from people that the earlier date this year will be much more convenient for them.

 I've been adding banners and buttons to the Craftstravaganzaa website to  help promote our event. Simply download the jpgs, then post to your blog, profile, website — wherever you want to share Craftstravaganzaa with your friends. 

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