Sunday, August 22, 2010

I discovered Wanelo...

After browsing a few of the collections featured on the Wanelo website, I'm delighted to share with  you some of the best design I've seen in a bit.  This site allows you to post links to your favorite stores and products and build collections around a common theme.   For instance, this wonderful chair is in the Suthern Livin collection.  These chairs would look so good in my side yard.   I wonder if I can find something like these locally?  Athens? 

Click through to different collections, I believe you'll find several things you cannot live without quite quickly.  I also can see a potential place for marketing your own wares.  Try it and see.


  1. They have vintage outdoor furniture just like that at the Interiors Market in Madison!

  2. I love these chairs. I'm going to have to find some for my yard.