Friday, May 4, 2012

Facebook Friday - Marketing on Facebook

Are you ready to put your brand out in front of the 850 million people?  That's how many set of eyes you could potentially put your brand in front of on Facebook.  Incredible, isn't it?  

Here are some time-saving tips for marketing your small business on Facebook.

A. See if your personalized URL is available.

Before you launch your brand presence on Facebook, check on your personalized URL to make sure it will be available to you.  Find one that's simple and easy to remember. The shorter and simpler the better, to help people remember it. 

B. Crossposting with Ease: 

Utilize other web-based (or smartphone) services to making cross posting quicker and easier.  Logging in and out of all the  different networks these days can be time consuming and frankly, a pain.  There are several services that enable users to post once, and have their message cross posted to other networks as well.  One i like is  I  have our AIC network set up through Posterous; it enables any of us to send one email, and  have our message and/or photos posted to Facebook, twitter, linkedin, g+, tumblr, posterous blog, and a few more minor networks you've probably never heard of.  Quick and Easy!  Another good one that I use on my phone is HootSuite. 

C. Use social plugins:

They’re free to use and are a quick and easy way to market your brand or message through referral traffic.

D. Use Facebook Insights

Export the Facebook Insights data to an Excel spreadsheet.. Super easy to see what type of posts and media worked the best for you, which got the most response from your audience. 

E. Provide location:

Did you ever run across a Facebook page or event and find it very interesting, only to have to search and search for their location?  Do not forget that you are posting your event on the World Wide web.  World Wide.  You can go on and on about the wonderful festival you have planned, but if people have to struggle to find out the location, they probably won't.  People have super short attention spans these days, in just a few seconds you have to grab their attention and give them the bullet points they want, or they will click away. If your guest sees right away that the event is local, he'll maybe check it out for more info.  Maybe even come, spend his money, tell his friends.

F. QR Codes

Setting up a QR code for your Facebook Page is a quick, simple and effective strategy for small or large businesses to use. QR codes can be used on many marketing materials.

They are very easy to set up, simple google QR code generator, and follow the simple instructions.  



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