Monday, November 28, 2011

Red Crow - Holiday 2011 Artist

Red Crow 
Handcrafted mosaic art work by me, the artist, Judy Mendel living in Dacula, GA. Inspired to create most often from unwanted or broken little finds. I love the art of mosaics. Using glass, recycled items, mixed media, handcrafted stoneware clay pieces from my studio, broken glass, vintage/retro china plates, or ceramic/pottery dishes/pots. Making new again an item that normally would be tossed is the best part to me. I find mosaics relaxing and very much like putting together a puzzle. I am able to blend various tesserae together to create a unique piece that tells it's own story as you see it each time. I have a home studio that I work in full time creating wall hangings, welcome signs, inspirational signs, tables, mirrors, flower pots, bird baths, jewelry boxes, and whatever lands on the table next. I am "that person" with a lot of little hopefuls waiting on the shelves to be used in the next piece of art, not considered the junk lady yet. Each mosaic is an original piece of art and can't be duplicated, what I'm not able to draw on paper I can visualize it in a mosaic and arrange on a surface with a little tile, twisting, and adhesive to create art that is interesting - that is what has drawn me to making mosaics

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